Smarter Manufacturing.

Our local presence allows us to genuinely understand the market, and our manufacturing capability allows us create the perfect glove to fit it.

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Saftey through quality.

Our Technology

Our position as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of ‘offline’ gloves allows us to create innovative, hand-crafted gloves of unsurpassed quality, while our ‘online’ production plant uses industry-leading technology to produce medical grade gloves with speed and efficiency.


Our gloves are designed and tested for the specific industries in which they are used, and comply with the relevant parts of the Medical Devices Directive and the Personal Protective Equipment Directive. We work with the leading European laboratories to ensure our gloves are suitable for the specific applications for which they are recommended.

Customer Service

We are experts in the gloves we manufacture and their application. If you need help to find the best product for you, please call us. We’re local and happy to assist.


Our worldwide team of over 600 are the key to our success. Our gloves are produced, packed, shipped, imported and distributed by Unigloves. All of our manufacturing workforce are paid fairly and work in safe conditions and are integral to the success of our fast growing and dynamic company.


We are committed to local stock holding and high availability. We are able to manage our supply and demand at the production plant, and this allows us to hold stock locally and offer daily pallet and parcel deliveries in addition to direct shipment of container loads from Unigloves Malaysia.


We take our environmental obligations seriously and continually invest to improve process controls and consistency. Our de-chlorination scrubber units reduce air emissions to levels lower than the prescribed minimum, and our on-site water treatment plant surpass the maximum standards required by the Malaysian Department of the Environment.