Our Cleanse+ manufacturing process requires that our gloves are washed for up to 3 times longer than regular examination gloves. This additional cleaning involves washing the gloves in three cycles and reduces the effective residual water soluble protein levels to less than 50µg/dm². This significantly reduces the potential for skin irritation.


We have introduced a refreshing range of scents, including citrus and peppermint, into our Vitality range of dental gloves to improve the overall examination experience for both dentist and patient.


We have developed an innovative range of gloves coated with a proprietary formulation of lanolin and vitamins designed to soothe the symptoms of dehydration and irritation. Together, this powerful combination has been proven to significantly improve skin health.


Gloves benefitting from our unique EasyDon finish are chlorinated on both the inside and outside areas of the cuff to reduce tackiness and improve donning, particularly for those involved in regular wet work.


With ultimate hygiene in mind, Unigloves products are FirstTouch manufactured, examined and packaged with zero direct skin contact. Look for our FirstTouch logo and be assured that you are doing the best you can to protect yourself and your patients.